Secondary Air Injection System Replacement-Costs and All You Need to Know

25 Oct

By and large, all cars just as it is with the Toyota Tundra, are required to have a secondary air injection system. The purpose of the secondary air injection systems is to make the air from the exhaust systems cleaner and as such help with the need to combust harmful gases. The costs for replacing a worn out secondary air injection system to your car varies and are generally over $250 but below $400. The labor costs as well range but would be often less than $100. As for the parts, they average about $250. The following are some of the general facts you need to know about the secondary air injection systems.

First and foremost you need to acknowledge the fact that if your car has the belt-driven air injection system, then you need to note likewise the fact that the process of replacing the parts will be a little bit different than what it is that goes into the replacement of the conventional electrical systems. Looking at this fact, you need to appreciate the fact that this can actually get to determine the length of time that it may take to replace the parts which in turn is a factor that has an impact on the labor costs.

At the same time, you need to note the fact that there may be a case that there is a damage to the surrounding electrical systems, connectors and the other components as is often the case whenever there is a malfunction with the air injection systems. This can actually as well happen to alter the repair costs and the labor costs as it always the case that these are not identified by the mechanic until they have gone nearly halfway with the job. As such you may have to pay more especially in the instances where these problems have been allowed to stay for long. Read on and see some of the benefits of secondary air injection system replacement.

First of all, by having your Toyota Tundra secondary air injection system replaced as is necessary, you will essentially result in a cleaner and more energy efficient car. This is certainly going to see you save on fuel and above this, you will reduce your car's carbon footprint, reducing the harmful emissions by leaps and bounds in net effect. It as well is an essential procedure for those cars that are belt-operated in their air injection systems as this is one step that will ensure that you have protected the other belts in the car and as such your car will run normally.

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